Principal's Message


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of Moorine Rock Primary School. I am proud to be the Principal of a school that is the centre of the Moorine Rock community and provides quality education with strong support from all stakeholders.

Our school vision is to provide an exemplary place of learning that encourages life-long learners who strive for their individual excellence and demonstrate the values of the school. Through this and our values of learning for life, respect, responsibility and individual excellence, we strive to provide our students with a dynamic, educative and holistic environment in which to learn. We believe that all children can reach their full potential when working in a supportive and adaptive community. 

Effective relationships between staff and students allows for increased trust and acceptance amongst the school community and ensures students are able to learn and achieve to the best of their ability. By providing students access to a variety of leaning opportunities, we cater for a vast range of learning styles and engage students in real-world learning and problem solving. In an ever changing world, we strive to provide students with essential knowledge and skills to help them adapt to challenges. We are proud to be a member of the Eastern Wheatbelt Education Network. Our network works together to help provide our staff and students with a variety of opportunities to expand and extend their knowledge, skills and talents.

Our school is committed to the Department of Education’s Focus 2020-2024 priorities which are:

  1. Provide every student with a pathway to a successful future
  2. Strengthen support for teaching and learning excellence in every classroom
  3. Build the capability of our principals, our teachers and our allied professionals
  4. Support increased school autonomy within a connected and unified public school system
  5. Partner with families, communities and agencies to support the educational engagement of every student
  6. Use evidence to drive decision-making at all levels of the system

We are very fortunate as a school to have an incredibly supportive community and an extremely effective P&C. Our families are actively engaged in their children’s learning and work with the school to ensure students are learning to the best of their ability.  At Moorine Rock Primary School we promote mutual respect and high expectations for all.

As Principal, I am privileged to work alongside an extremely committed and dedicated team, working to help each child achieve their full potential. We welcome your association with our school which would allow us to work together to make these years of education a rewarding experience for everyone. For further information, please contact the school.

Katrina Tedge