How to Enrol


For successful enrolment into Moorine Rock Primary School, parents will be required to complete all 3 stages of the enrolment process.

Stage 1

You will be required to supply the school office with the following documents:

  • Completed Enrolment Form which is also available from the school office.
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Passport and visa (If not born in Australia)
  • Immunisation Records (Must be AIR history statement from Medicare)
  • Current Proof of Address (Must be utility bill eg: Gas, Electricity or Water account or Purchase or Lease agreement. Note: Phone accounts/Licences not accepted).

Stage 2
Once a student application has been accepted the parent must attend the school office in person and bring in all original documentation (if not done so already) to complete the full enrolment details form. This is a 4-page document and requires all parent details (mother and father), contact phone numbers and addresses, any applicable court/family orders, full disclosure of medical conditions and supporting paperwork and medicare number.
All students require a school uniform and parents will need to purchase one at this point for their child before their allocated start date.

Stage 3

New students must present to the school office in full school uniform with their student booklist items. They will be escorted along with their parents to their new classroom.

Please ring the School and make an appointment to enroll students on Ph: 08 90489800.  This will enable the registrar to have the necessary documents ready for you to complete.

The following document contains useful information regarding enrolment:



Parent Information Handbook 2022