Recent News

Mr Germ

Thank you to our school nurse for visiting the Junior Room with Mr Germ this week. Students learnt about the importance of thoroughly washing hands. They used a UV light inside Mr Germ’s mouth to see all the germs on their hands and then noticed that washing hands reduces the spread of germs.    

Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesian Independence Day is celebrated each year on 17th August commemorating it’s Proclamation of Independence on 17th August 1945. As part of the Celebrations unit in Indonesian, students in the Senior Room recognised Indoensian Independence Day by making Teh Halia, Roti and Nsai Kuning.  

School Grounds

I would like to thank our school gardener and cleaner for their continued work in ensuring the school grounds are maintained to the highest standard. Currently the tulips, daffodils and other bulbs are out in bloom which is a welcoming sight to anyone who visits the school.